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Chapter I

Between Inanimate Objects and Living Creature

The Cell in Brief

The Existence of Cell-forming Substances

Activated Carbon Particles

Activated Carbon particles opens the opportunity for Life

The influence of Waves on activated Carbon Particles

Chapter II

The Most Dramatic Event on the Earth

The different Measurements of the Cell-to-be

The movement of the molecules towards the centre of Activated Carbon particles

The Compression and Development of the Body

The “Pressure” inside the Activated Carbon Particles Dismantles the Compounds

The Process of Cell Metabolism

A Schematic Representation of the Journey of the Cell-To-Be

Chapter III

The Appearance of Areas Prone to External Influences

The X-shaped Chromosome

The twisting of the DNA

The DNA-To-Be inside the Chromosome-To-Be detaches Itself from the Core

The Development of the DNA-To-Be inside the Chromosome-To-Be

The Core of the Cell-To-Be turning into Centrosome-to-be

Centrioles Perpendicular to Each Other

The Formation of Nuclear and the Nuclear Envelope

The Emergence of Microtubules

The Detachment of the Kinetochore Microtubule

The Evolutionary Journey of the Chromosome-to-be to Its Present Position

Chapter IV

A Subtle Simplicity

The Impacts of the External Influences Being Passed on to Its “Descendants”

Impossibilities and Possibilities

The Direction of the Division

A Brief and Simple Illustration of the Evolutionary Development of the Cell from Period to Period

The two Pieces of Jigsaw Puzzle

Chapter V

Citations of the Various Evolutionary Events

·        Evolution of Living Creatures developing from their Molecular Inertia, Forward Movement, and Resultant Vectors

·        The Eyes in Living Creatures

·        The Wings in Animals

·        The Roots in Plants

·         The Transformation of the Gills into Lungs in Frogs

·         The Bilaterally Symmetrical Forms of Living Creatures


Two Articles to Ease Acceptance of the Idea that Evolution Does Occur

·        The First Article - The Feeling of Existence

·        The Second article - The Omnipotence and the Omnipresence of God


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