A Word from the Writer


A  quick look at its title may well lead one to rightly guess that it certainly is a book about the leap between inanimate objects and living creatures.


In his effort to write it, the writer has deployed three of his resources in conducting his analyses, i.e. his own imagination, his creative thinking, and his critical mind. And while doing so, he has always kept praying to God that He grant him His guidance in this undertaking.


Did Albert Einstein not once say, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”? Unlike sciences, which are characterized by their strict rules, imagination is a very flexible representation of our thoughts. Through our imagination we are made to feel that we have the ability to be anywhere and go anywhere, no matter how far it is, at a speed faster than that of light. Through our imagination we are able to look at not only those things happening billions of years back but also those that will happen in the billions of years to come. More than that, imagination also enables us to conceptualize the various possiblities of everything, whether it exists or not.


For the purpose of differentiating between what he has written purely on the basis of his own imagination and what he has gathered from outside sources, the writer has intentionally had the former printed in Times New Roman font, and the latter in Berlin Sans FB font. In addition to this, the sources wherefrom the citations have been taken are always stated at the end of each. Though many of the data presented here have been taken from the Internet, this however does not at all eliminate his attempt to be as accurate as possible in all his arguments.

It is estimated that about four percent of the contents are derived from outside sources. The rest are purely elaborations of writer’s own imagination.


This book has been written for the purpose of exposing one possibility concerning the emergence of a Cell-to-be from a particle or a granule of activated Carbon particles or a type of activated Carbon particles existing in this world. What is most interesting about it is the fact that it tells the readers how groups of molecules, in their evolutionary journey towards becoming cells develop like the links of chains, each interlocking the other.


Although the writer understands well that evolution is unarguably a tortuous process, he has, for the purpose of simplifying matters and  providing a clearer view as to how the laws of nature in the process, based all his analyses and discourses on the supposition that evolution is a linear process


Considering  the vastness of the issue, all the writer has undertaken to do is to describe something which to him seems to be a striking opportunity that he can afford to grasp with all the limitations he has. Intentionally made to appear short, the explanations in this book therefore cover only the major points of the subject under discussion. The only reason for this is that his health condition has made it necessary for him to speed up its publication.


As part of his responsibility for its contents , the writer  hereby states his willingness to provide further explanations in a scientific forum.


Motivated by his obsession, and despite his lack of training as a writer, he has yet managed to complete this work of his, in a style unique to him, by which he tries to share his thoughts directly with the readers.


Apart from this, his desire to make whatever little contribution he can to mankind, he has also had the contents published on the internet so that it may achieve maximal results.


It needs to be made clear here that whatever one may find written in this book must not for whatever reason be misconstrued as an attempt of the writer to either take side with or discriminate against a particular religion or religious sect. It has come out purely as a product of his imagination, and represents the English version of the original work, which was written in the mother tongue of the country where the writer comes from.

It is expected that such an undertaking as this could serve as a drop of contribution to the various efforts made to achieve a commonly shared idea as to where all of us have come from.


To speed up its introduction to the society, a number of copies have been distributed free-of-charge. A great deal of the contents are also to be found in our web site.


To guarantee its authenticity, we advise those who wish to reproduce the manuscript intact to seek the prior permission of the author.


Feedbacks are very much expected from the readers as they  may serve not only as inputs necessary for the revision of this manuscript but also as invaluable contributions to mankind, particularly to those endeavoring to explore how living creatures first came into existence on the earth. Please contact reinarto@hadipriono.com